Saturday, January 5, 2008

Where the hell is my remote?

American television sucks, we have more commercials today selling snake oil craptastic products than any other country in the world. Even the BBC has less! Sure the Brits complain that they have to pay for an annual television license, but I pay for cable at a price that probably far exceeds the cost of that license, and if you've ever watched BBC, there are a lot less commercials! Special channel packages also piss me off. I could get cable TV with HBO and Scrotumax but I had to pay additional money for hardware to watch TechTV. That's bullcrap.

Some of these craptastic products annoy the hell out of me, like the cell phone reception improving sticker that turned into the RF frequency protector. Anyone who's owned a wi-Spy and saw the screen go ape-shit when you heat up popcorn in a microwave knows that in the grand scheme of RF saturation, a cell phone ain't a blurb of whats out there thats harmful. It very much reminds me of the 1970's magazine scam for a solar-powered clothes dryer at a cost of only $30.00. For their prompt payment, people received fifty feet of clothesline and a few clothes pins.

Point is, that we have more advertisements for drugs that can cure whatever ails you, more advertisements for crap that doesn't work, more advertisements trying to sway people from what works for them, and I just want to watch a fscking television show!

Time to get a TiVO.